Co-Occurring Post

Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders

There is a great deal of difficulty and complexity in recognizing, diagnosing, and treating anyone who is displaying symptoms of a disorder or illness.  Why? Because we are complex and unique beings who typically develop, experience, and redevelop in layers.  In turn, creating thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs that can add to the causality of Read More


Thank You For Following

Hi! Thank you for following my blog and being committed to increasing mental health awareness across the globe.  You are invited to join the Inclusion Community Forum.  Designed to create engagement, establish and foster healthy support systems, and promote inclusion.  I encourage you to stop by and say hello.  If you have time, please introduce Read More


Should Children Take Antipsychotic Drugs?

Sensitive and heated debates continue amongst the medical community, caregivers, school officials, and peers as to whether or not it is beneficial or ethical to prescribe antipsychotic drugs to children.  Studies have shown that children can develop worsening symptoms after taking antipsychotic drugs, thereby leading to newly developed illnesses.  On the other hand, studies have Read More


Avoid Going Sideways – Asking the Right Mental Health Questions

Have you ever been asked some of the most inappropriate, odd, or unnerving questions about your mental illness or disorder? Maybe you have or haven’t because the answer to this question is subjective and based on perception.  There’s a chance, the person asking the question just isn’t aware of what questions are appropriate or inappropriate.  Read More

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7 Steps to Wellness

“Resolving intrapersonal conflicts and making the journey to healing one step at a time.” I am often asked how I persevered through the many challenges I’ve faced.  As it stands, implementing conflict resolution strategies within groups or within are difficult.  The implementation of conflict resolution strategies, when compounded with the inner being, creates a layer Read More