Facing Challenges Through Open Dialogue

Let’s face it, there’s no easy way of letting anyone know you have a mental illness.  However, at times it is best to let family members, employers, and peers know that you face daily challenges that may not be common to most.   On the other hand, you will not allow these challenges to negatively impact your day, but they do require some lifestyle modifications in order for you to continue being successful.  These types of conversations can open the ever so sensitive door to a question and answer session that you might find empowering for you.  You’ve shared your story with confidence and removed any negative feelings associated with mental illness.  There’s a chance at the end of the conversation, you will have provided the listener with a new perspective, attitude, and perception about mental illnesses.  Concluding in a win-win scenario for everyone involved in the discussion.

All scenarios aren’t that easy most of the time, but when in doubt try to remember nothing is wrong with you.  You aren’t abnormal.  Who doesn’t have daily challenges?

What are your daily challenges?

Be well!

© 2017 By Heidi Sullivan-Inyama

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2 thoughts on “Facing Challenges Through Open Dialogue

  1. Binge eating when stressed, bloated, upset, pretty much any emotion short of joy. I have come so far from where I used to be and I’ve built a solid foundation of emotional intelligence; however, eating is my challenge. After being out on medical leave for six months and eating crackers and frosting each day I had gained 50lbs. I’ve lost 46lbs through healthy dieting but I still fluctuate because of the eating (of course my weight causes low self esteem and then the roller coaster starts all over).

    • I hear you. Even though I love myself and I’m happy now, my illnesses can still be triggered. Some people don’t get it. They ask, “Well, why do you still behave like that if you’re fine.” It’s because there will always be a part of me that’s hard to control and I e accepted that. So there people!!! Haahaaaa 😀

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