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Thank you for following my blog and being committed to increasing mental health awareness across the globe.  You are invited to join the Inclusion Community Forum.  Designed to create engagement, establish and foster healthy support systems, and promote inclusion.  I encourage you to stop by and say hello.  If you have time, please introduce yourself and start contributing and connecting with others.  I’m certain you have a lot to contribute to the Community.  I look forward to chatting with you soon.  Also, you can register with the Community, but is not required.

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9 thoughts on “Thank You For Following

  1. It’s amazing that you care so much about helping others…I feel mental health isn’t focussed or cared about as much as it should in this society so it’s beautiful that you are pushing for more focus and more help…bless you <3

    • bravingmentalillness says:

      Hi Lis, Thanks for the kind words! I couldn’t agree with you more. I believe in inclusion, but I’m also a woman of color who has dealt with a lot of complex stigmas surrounding my race, culture, and mental illnesses, all of which need a platform too. I’d like to provide that platform as well. Thanks for reading and responding. I wish you a great day. Be well 💜

      • I couldn’t agree more!! Believe me hun, I know what you’re talking about…I’ve written a piece that is pretty much about all of this…hopefully it can inspire others who have been through the same struggles as us…<3 xxx

        • bravingmentalillness says:

          Thank you and I’m certain your words will inspire many! Yup, it’s definitely something most can relate to. Hope you’re having a good day😀

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