Understanding Co-Occurring Disorders

There is a great deal of difficulty and complexity in recognizing, diagnosing, and treating anyone who is displaying symptoms of a disorder or illness.  Why? Because we are complex and unique beings who typically develop, experience, and redevelop in layers.  In turn, creating thoughts, feelings, behaviors, and beliefs that can add to the causality of an illness or disorder developing.  Thereby causing more than one illness or disorder to manifest at one time.  In short, this is referred to as co-morbidity; when two brain disorders are active or occurring at one time.  Sometimes one may be more prominent that the other, but they both play an active role in determining how an individual thinks, feels, associates, behaves, or perceives the world.  However, both are equally important when diagnosing and treating.

I was introduced to a website called  DrugRehab . This website offers a multitude of mental health resources provided by licensed and skilled professionals. Of importance is the plethora of information related to co-occurring disorders (also known as co-morbidity). The direct link to the co-occurring page can be found here .  Although I offer resources for a range of topics, I’d like to share this website in particular.  As it’s extremely important to understand what co-occurring disorders are, the urgency in seeking out appropriate diagnoses, treatment options, or information.  I’d like to encourage you to share this website with anyone who needs guidance or additional mental health awareness information.  Also, I’ll be adding this source to my resources page.

Remember…we are not one-dimensional beings. Embrace your uniqueness and most importantly, never be afraid to ask for help.

Be well!

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    • bravingmentalillness says:

      Oh thank you and I hope it helps improve any aspect of someone’s well being. I encourage my son to be himself and love all of his being!

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