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Welcome to the Inspiring Minds page, dedicated to enhance community engagement, serve as a community platform to share stories of courage and strength.  Thereby, turning thoughts of despair into hope and positivity.  A part of my recovery and healing process included listening to other stories and having the ability to relate to someone else.  I hope this page and the related posts will help facilitate the same growth in someone else as it did for me.  If you would like to share your story or blog, please feel free to contact me.  I’m certain your words will be inspirational to many.

“Inspiring Minds – Feature Blog” – yeahocd

I’d like to acknowledge a blog I stumbled upon while I was reading an article and I was intrigued by the authenticity and truths written on this blog.  It’s honest, raw, informative, and witty.  yeahocd left me wanting to read more and made me realize I have a lot to learn about obsessive-compulsive disorder.  With great pleasure, I suggest checking out  Below is a brief introduction of the author from the blog:

“First and foremost, and I’m mentioning this on two pages for a reason: I can only speak to my own experiences with OCD and other mental illnesses I have in full or partially. I don’t claim to speak for everyone with the mental health issues they have. I do both empathize with everyone with these issues, as well I do a lot of research about these issues. But this site is from my own mind first, with medical research coming second. Why? Because this is not a medical site. It is much more than that. So explore OCD and more! (It’s like I’m selling something here… sheesh!)”

“Moving on…”

“I am and have been many things in life. In fact, I’ve lived, what I consider, many lifetimes. I am an artist, a writer, a full-stack computer engineer, a successful and not-successful entrepreneur. I’ve always worked for myself, as I don’t play well with others. But I’m also extremely friendly- and the sincere type of friendly.”

“Inspiring Minds – Feature Blog” – revivingemily

As I explored the WordPress blogasphere, I found an honest, genuine, and caring blog about mental illnesses and eating disorders.  revivingemily is a combination of personal stories, experience, and knowledge allowing for readers to be educated as well as relate to the author behind the computer.  revivingemily is memorable and beautiful as she opens her heart and soul to an audience willing to listen, hear, understand, and have compassion.  Most importantly, with the intention of helping others through sharing her story.  I hope that you will take a moment peruse through when you have time.  I am certain you will find it helpful, brilliant, and beautiful.  Below is a caption from revivingemily:

“The first time I ever felt badly about my body, I was around six years old. I spent the day with some neighbor kids, swimming at the beach and having a great time. We came home and our moms decided to give the girls a quick shower together to get the sand off. One of the girls spoke up, “Ew what’s wrong with your chest?” In that moment I realized I was different. I was born with a sternum deformity called pectus excavatum* (PE). Of course, having nothing to compare it to, I never saw my chest as abnormal. That moment, however innocent and seemingly insignificant, was the seed that planted body hate for me…”

“Facts about me:

  • I am a lefty and proud
  • my favorite colors are teal and purple
  • my best friend is Olivia and she is absolutely amazing
  • I have a  child named Milo and he is the love of my life
  • Rock climbing and yoga are loves
  • I love photography and purchased my  second child recently
  • Grey’s Anatomy, Private Practice, Law&Order SVU, Criminal Minds, and Veronica Mars are my obsessions
  • I am a candy snob. TJ’s PB cups, runts, kinder, and Japanese gummies are a few faves
  • Nursing student at Calvin College
  • Writing is my favorite coping mechanism
  • I am the challenge queen when it comes to recovery
  • My dream is to someday be an advocate or have a career to help fight eating disorders
  • Another passion of mine is animal rescue, I want to run my own one day
  • One day I hope to work as a psych nurse, possibly in residential ED treatment
  • If not a psych nurse, I love the idea of working in a NICU
  • I am about 99% sure I want to have children/adopt on my own
  • I am slowly restoring my relationship with God after my eating disorder nearly destroyed it
  • I’ve been in ED treatment multiple times. Most recently I spent the entirety of summer 2017 in residential, PHP, and IOP”

revivingemily profile

Again, I encourage you to check out Emily’s blog!


“Inspiring Minds – Feature Blog” – seaofwordsx

I enjoy engaging with different bloggers because each offers something new and refreshing into my life.  I am always open to learning something new every day.  Most importantly, I want to explore the world of blogs that resonate with my life purpose, goals, and lifestyle.  A lot of that encompasses living a compassionate, humble, and selfless life; providing inspiration to others.  That being said, I met Christina.  Christina is the host of seaofwordsx .  Her blog is the epitome of love, courage, joy, and inspiration. A proponent of self-love and perseverance, Christina gives others hope that anxiety does not have to control one’s life.  Her passion for travel, education, and fun helped her work through some of her challenges.  Christina’s blog is full of inspiring personal experiences, poems, and quotes.  Included are photographs from her travels.  If you haven’t met Christina just yet or visited her blog, seaofwordsx, I highly recommend taking a few minutes to peruse through her writings.  If anything, you’ll enjoy an educational, fun, and interactive cultural experience. Below is a snippet from her blog:

“I have lived all my life in Haarlem, The Netherlands; a city near to Amsterdam. I currently reside in Valladolid.  I’m bilingual, my mother is Spanish and my father is Dutch. Besides, I can speak English and a bit of German. My mother was born in Valladolid, in Spain. This city is just one hour away from Madrid. I am deeply in love with the Spanish culture: the delicious tapas, sunshine, family time, hospitable people and so much more. It’s just an amazing country with so many beautiful places to visit.

I hold a Bachelor of Arts degree with a concentration in European Studies. This concentration covered a wide range of subjects such as law, politics, marketing, languages and international relations. Three years ago I did my exchange abroad in Spain in a city in the north of Spain: Logroño. I just finished doing my internship abroad in Spain. I did my internship in the International Relations Office of the University of Valladolid.

I started this blog because I always wanted to have a personal blog and share my thoughts and feelings. Mainly, I’m going to write about lifestyle, mental health & self-love (suffering from anxiety my whole life I find it important to help people and inspire them to gain more self-confidence and self-love because it’s soooo important!!), my writings and poems, photography, my travels, international experiences, and quotes I love and which inspire me.

Most of all, I just want to inspire others with my post, motivate others and share all the things I love in life.”  

Inspiring Minds Featured Blog.seaofwordsx. Profile

Again, I encourage you to take a peek at Christina’s blog, seaofwordsx.

If you are interested in featuring your blog or story, please contact me.

Be Well!

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