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Rebuilding a Healthy Relationship with the SELF

Building healthy interpersonal relationships prompts development of a stable intrapersonal one. Relationships are an essential component to the fulfillment of human needs that provide emotional support, stability, trust, and social identity.  However, establishing relationships can be complex, overwhelming, and emotionally draining and I spent most of my life avoiding human engagement.  Doing so cost me Read More

Businesspeople at Conference Table

Why Are YOU Staring At ME?

This is one of the million questions ruminating through the mind of someone dealing with social anxiety disorder.  Social anxiety disorder can be described as an extreme fear of being judged, criticized, and closely observed by anyone you might have to interact with in any environment.  The idea of being looked at is just enough Read More

Close-up on discussion.

Facing Challenges Through Open Dialogue

Let’s face it, there’s no easy way of letting anyone know you have a mental illness.  However, at times it is best to let family members, employers, and peers know that you face daily challenges that may not be common to most.   On the other hand, you will not allow these challenges to negatively impact Read More